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My Coaching Story

Since I can remember I've wanted to change the world, with a Masters in Environmental Management I was heading on my way to do just that - then I was stopped in my tracks by having two small people very soon after each other and my own world changed.

I’ve always been fascinated by finding easier processes in my daily life and in self-improvement. Having been through a very difficult few years I found myself a single mum back in my home town and feeling like I had hit a plateau which I wanted to rise above. I sought the help of a life coach and made such amazing progress with my goals. I discovered that all my skills and passions would be put to fabulous use as a life coach myself.

Since this light bulb moment I have trained as an NLP Practitioner and Kinetic Shift Practitioner so that I can help other women be the best possible versions of themselves.

I help my clients sift through the disorder of life that seems to be holding them back and introduce simple wellness practices to support the process of growth. I coach my clients in a way that unites their hearts, minds and bodies.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

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